Right Care Foundation

Right Care is an international movement that wants to ensure the best possible care for patients, taking into account the personal circumstances of each patient, their values, and their perspective, while striving for efficiency and an evidence-based approach, with the ultimate goal of benefiting both patients and professionals as much as possible.

Innovation and Digital Transformation at the Service of People
The Right Care Foundation was founded in Barcelona with the intention of supporting and promoting improvements in health care and modernising health care systems internationally.

We conduct projects with tens of hospitals both in Europe and America and we work with private companies, public institutions, and non-profit organisations in order to transform the industry and facilitate the implementation of new technologies and the latest advancements in people management.

Since 2022, the Right Care Foundation is headquartered in Mexico City, from which it promotes intercontinental collaboration for the development of all regions and fosters a joint effort to achieve and perfect a person-based health care model.

Areas of Intervention
The Right Care Foundation works in different fields to achieve our foundational goals:

Certification Processes

Certification and consulting to health centres on process optimisation, clinical excellence, holistic care to people, and promoting technological innovation.

Artificial Intelligence and Health Care Training

Personalised digital solutions to foster training to professionals and patients using the latest teaching methodologies.

Use of state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence to optimise hospital processes, improve the safety of professionals and patients, etc.

Aid Programmes

Promoting initiatives and collaboration agreements with third parties to enable universal access to quality care adapted to the needs of all individuals.